Member list

Signatory Members of XGP Forum

as of July 2017

Member's Name Country or Area URL
ABIT Corporation Japan
Hitachi, Ltd. Japan
Huawei Technologies Japan * Japan
Japan Radio Co. Ltd. Japan
Kyocera Corporation * Japan
LAPIS Semiconductor Co. Ltd. Japan
NEC Platforms, Ltd Japan
Ericsson Japan K.K. Japan
Nokia Solutions and Networks Japan
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Japan
Sercomm Japan Corporation Japan
SoftBank Corp. Japan
Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corp * Japan
Wireless City Planning Inc. * Japan
ZTE Corp. * China
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp. Japan
Baicells Technologies Co., Ltd. China
Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd(To be approved by GM) Japan
FUJISOFT INCORPORATED(To be approved by GM) Japan

Companies with * mark are Steering Committee members.


Telecommunication Authorities or Public Organizations

as of July 2017

Member's Name Country or Area URL
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) Japan
China Academy of Telecommunication Research, MIIT(CAICT) China
The Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) Japan
Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance(TDIA) China