GTl TD-LTE Industry Briefing

This page introduces a part of "TD-LTE Industry Briefing" which are published by Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), which was established to promote the deployment of TD-LTE networks on February 2011.

Note that XGP forum cooperates with GTI. As one of cooperative activities, GTI, TDIA and XGP forum held "2012 Japan-China TDD Forum, GIT Ad Hoc Seminar" on April 25th - 26th, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan.

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4th Dec 2013, China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) officially issued 4G TD-LTE Licenses to China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.


During the TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop held on 19th Nov, 2013, MIIT has announced TDD spectrum allocation, of which:

- China Mobile obtained 130MHz (1880-1900MHz, 2320-2370MHz, 2575-2635MHz)

- China Unicom obtained 40MHz (2300-2320MHz, 2555-2575MHz)

- China Telecom obtained 40MHz (2370-2390MHz, 2635-2655MHz)


Delegates from China and Thailand Governments, ITU, GTI, GSMA, XGP Forum, TDIA, global operators and partners attended this workshop. Besides the spectrum allocation, China MIIT also announced that 1.4GHz and 3.5GHz would be actively considered as further development of TDD spectrum in China.

Reference: GTI TD-LTE Industry Briefing December 2013, pp.3

Main Objectives

Demonstrate the latest achievements of 3.5GHz eco-system, in order to promote global 3.5GHz spectrum planning
Boost industry confidence and promote the maturity of the 3.5GHz eco-system

Seminar Overview


3.5GHz spectrum planning has been recognized as one of the potential TD-LTE development options. This seminar focuses on exploring 3.5GHz development strategy and discussing future technology trend.

Invited Delegates:

Government officials and national regulatory agencies, global operators, industry partners


27th Aug

Government shares views on 3.5GHz

Operators introduce 3.5GHz system requirements

Manufacturer introduces industry progress

28th Aug

Visit Softbank 3.5GHz TD-LTE Advanced show case network


Reference: GTI TD-LTE Industry Briefing August 2013, pp.9

On July 18 2012,MIIT officially approved the deployment plan of TD‐LTE expanded trial in china.

Before the end of 2012, China Mobile will deploy 20,000 TD‐LTE base stations in 10 cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao and Shenzhen. 1.9GHz (Band 39) and 2.6GHz (Band 38) will be utilized for outdoor coverage and 2.3GHz (Band 40) for indoor coverage. The number of cities, network scale and frequency bands are much larger compared with the TD‐LTE large‐scale trial that finished during May 2012. At this phase, the trial will focus on the pre‐commercial deployment, network operation and friendly user test. Other 3 cities are currently under preparation, which are Chengdu, Fuzhou and Ningbo.

The approval of TD‐LTE expanded trial plan states that China is currently trying hard to boost up the commercial deployment of TD‐LTE network.

Reference: GTI TD-LTE Industry Briefing August 2012, pp.5