Target of XGP (eXtended Global Platform)

XGP Forum was founded as a new non-profitable organization evolving from PHS MoU in 2009. Its mission is to standardize specifications and promote services of XGP. Many operators, vendors and system integrators relating to PHS are the members of the XGP Forum. We have a lot of technology and know-how of TDD system through operating PHS system with 160 thousand micro cell base stations in Japan.

Considering the serious traffic explosion around the world, we believe that a true mobile broadband system should succeed to the “PHS Spirits”. “PHS Spirits” are 1) Cell-free design which enables micro-macro cell deployment, 2) able to exist with a current PHS as a PHS evolution system, 3) realizing the maximum frequency efficiency (for high capacity).

Our target of XGP is materialize the true mobile broadband system under “PHS Spirits” harmonizing fully together with TD-LTE.


What is “XGP” ?

“XGP” promoted by XGP Forum is a general term for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) system with “PHS Spirits”.

“XGP1” is BWA system which is based on PHS. It was standardized as XGP version 1.0 in September 2007. Through the continuous studies, the enhanced XGP2 was approved in October 2010. The XGP2 is an evolutional system which realizes global mode (supporting 3GPP LTE TDD mode air interface) and meets local conditions.

Now, XGP3 has been approved in May 2013. The XGP3 is more evolutional system which support some advanced technology including Carrier Aggregation and XGP unique optional features. XGP Forum will make continuous efforts for supporting new advanced technology and standardizing more XGP unique optional features.

Advanced XGP

Within the "XGP", "XGP2" and "XGP3" are known as AXGP (Advanced XGP)”. The AXGP specification is composed of 3GPP LTE (TDD mode) to Flexible features, which enables high functionality and high performance in actual deployment.

In Japan, Wireless City Planning is operating AXGP system. The AXGP system uses Micro cell and Omni antenna, and can solve serious traffic explosion.


Service roadmap, Standardization of XGP and the technology roadmap are shown below.