Message from the Chairperson

Hideyuki Iwata


I am deeply honored to have been appointed as Chairperson of XGP Forum at the 37th General Meeting on November 26, 2020. Taking over this important role reminds me of the great contributions my dear predecessors have made, and I am also fully committed to devoting myself to the further development of this Forum and wireless telecommunication industry.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank all signatory members for your full support and cooperation to XGP Forum’s activities to date and would like to ask for your continuous support.

Established as a non-profit organization in 1995, XGP Forum has been dedicated tremendously not only for domestic telecommunication industry but also worldwide by overcoming a lot of issues peculiar to TDD and developing creative technologies ranging from PHS to AXGP and sXGP.

AXGP using Micro cell and Omni antenna has been adopted in 3GPP standards and makes it possible to share the ecosystem with TD-LTE. XGP Forum is still enhancing XGP standard to harmonize with the latest 3GPP specification.

sXGP is the first private LTE system in Japan, which is a dedicated broadband network preferred most often when WiFi and public LTE don’t provide high performance, cost-effectiveness, or security necessary for particular use cases. Interest in Mission Critical Private Systems realized by Private LTE and Local 5G is increasing strongly in the communication industry. Standardization procedure to triple assigned frequency in band 39 will be completed in this fiscal year. It is expected not only to accommodate the former PHS users but also to be available to many types of private enterprises including SME, universities, hospitals and local governments.

The wide-spread impact of COVID-19 which has quickly become a global pandemic since the beginning of this year, has caused the serious slowdown of social and economic activities, leading to the serious global recession. Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 was also postponed.

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, "New Lifestyle" emerged. Telework, online meetings/lectures/classes, remote monitoring of devices and environment, etc., became usual. Accordingly, the importance of wireless technologies in the infrastructure and services is more widely recognized.

With the leading BWA system, XGP Forum is well prepared to supply excellent wireless environment and system continuously.

As the chairperson of XGP Forum I will spare no efforts to support these activities of this forum.

Brief Profile:

1965 Born in Yamagata, Japan.
1987 B.E. at Yamagata University
1989 M.E. Degree in Electronic Engineering at Yamagata University, Japan
1991 NTT Transmission System Laboratory
Main areas of expertise: Research and development of optical fiber cables for about 8 years. Contributed to the commercialized of underground 1000-core high-density optical fiber cable and aerial SZ twist slot type optical fiber cable for FTTH (Fiber To The Home) use.
2000 NTT standardization strategy of NTT Group
2011 Ph. D Degree at graduate school of Yamagata University
2019 Visiting professor, La Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)
2020 Vice-chairman of ASTAP (Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Standardization Program)
2020 CEO and S.V.P. of TTC; Chairperson of XGP Forum