WG (Working Group)

BWG (Business Working Group)

Business working group helps to draft policies to be discussed as important strategies of XGP Forum. It examines individual cases too, and executes individual cases with authorization after reporting the result of examination to the steering committee and general meeting. It also acts as a consultant to other working groups and the steering committee by giving proposals regarding business strategies. Therefore, its activities include business trips to relevant countries and areas to hold necessary meetings with other standardization organizations, to develop cooperative relationship with operators and vendors, and to study and incubate new models of applications. Other working groups can carry out examination to the items proposed by business working group.

TWG (Technical Working Group)

Technical working group is in charge of the discussion and examination of all XGP technology related cases. Its major task is to standardize necessary technologies to facilitate the development of XGP service. In addition, its activities include the solution of XGP-related technical themes, standardization of technology related with new services, technical exchange with other standardization organizations, and technical instruction to XGP and potential XGP operator. Sub working groups are established under the working group to deal with individual cases. XGP members can apply to join the working group and its sub working groups in a condition to be able to participate in real standard drafting operation. The contents discussed within this working group are not for public access.


PWG (Promotion Working Group)

Promotion working group is responsible for familiarize the world with the name of XGP technology and its relevant service. By updating website, releasing newsletter, attending exposition and symposium, publishing guidebook and introducing its applications, the working group is aiming to spread XGP technology and service worldwide.

CWG (Coordination Working Group)

Coordination Working Group is established for the purpose of promoting sXGP services. The task of CWG is to provide specific operational solution for XGP Forum when they coordinate with public PHS operators or mobile phone operators on appropriate settings of sXGP master units at each location of radio station and as well as in the event of failures on behalf of sXGP users. Since sXGP master units are expected to be installed by a large number of users, XGP Forum will be the liaison for smooth coordination.

WG Meeting

Date Event Place
March 31, 2015 TWG Meeting Tokyo, Japan
March 28-29, 2013 TWG Meeting & WG Joint Meeting with TDIA Beijing, China
November 1, 2011 TWG & BWG & PWG Joint Meeting Shenzhen, China
September 7 - 8, 2011 TWG & BWG Joint Meeting Chengdu, China
March 1 - 1, 2011 TWG Meeting Sanya,China
December 21, 2010 TWG Meeting Zhuhai, China
July 15 - 16, 2010 TWG Meeting Shizuoka, Japan
September 7, 2009 BWG & PWG Joint Meeting, TWG ( TWG, TWG-Adhoc20, TWG-Adhoc21) Meeting Beijing, China
July 28, 2009 TWG Meeting Yokohama, Japan