Privacy Policy

Owing to a number of business relationship, XGP Forum owns a lot of personal information. Privacy protection calls for serious responsibility and obligation, and to gain the trust of members and society, we serve to protect the personal information below.

1  Proper collecting, use, offer, entrustment of personal information

1.1  Concerning about personal information collecting, notification or announcement of purpose should be preceded before information in a necessary range is collected and put into use.

1.2  Personal information should not be provided or disclosed to a third party except the following cases.

(1)  Obtain permission before hand

(2)  The cases listed in paragraph 1, Article 23 of Personal Information Protection Law

1.3  When entrust the third party with personal information, XGP Forum should check safety management measures whether the entrustment reassuring or not. A confidentiality agreement between the forum and the third party should be preceded before and appropriate supervision should be executed.

2  Security management measures for personal information

To prevent or correct unauthorized access to personal information, disclosure of personal information, damage or loss, XGP Forum maintains regulations inside and is committed to safety countermeasure.

3  Remedial Action (Corrective Action)

For the purpose of handling personal information properly, we will respond readily to changes in the social environment. In addition, various rules including this basic policy will be altered or added if necessary.

4  Correspondence to requests of disclosure and modification

Please contact Forum when the forum is deemed not to abide by policy of keeping personal information thoroughly, or when you want to disclose, alter, add, delete or have a willing to stop using the personal information.

5  Complaint handling

XGP Forum endeavors to correspond to the complaint about handling personal information appropriately and quickly.