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Copyright, Disclaimer, links, and others

Please refer to the following items provided that you are interested in the personal information carried on the public homepage and procedure of linking to XGP site.

1  Copyright

Not only personal information (illustrations, photos, scripts and other works) on the `XGP site` but this website as a whole with publications are protected by Japanese copyrights-related laws and related international conventions.

All of or part of contents on this website may be cited by expressly indicating the source in an appropriate manner, as acts, including the use for private purposes or quotations, permitted within the scope of the Copyright Law. However, for the page containing a notice that the page shall not be cited without consent i, or the like, please adhere to the policy.

No part of the content on this website shall be altered and no content shall be uploaded to other website without the consent of XGP Forum.

2  Disclaimer

XGP Forum is making due efforts to carry accurate information on this website. However, XGP Forum assumes no liability concerning the way how the information on this website is used.

3  Link

Those who intend to link to XGP Forum website are kindly asked to apply and get an approval in advance by contacting us(E-mail: with following information.

1  Your name and E-mail address

2  Company name, address and telephone number

3  Your URL or contents to be linked to us

4  Our URL to be linked to you

The approval could be cancelled by occurrence of some inconvenience for us.

XGP Forum assumes no liability concerning about the safety assurance of personal information on the site linked to the XGP Forum site.

4  and others

Please be aware that contents on this website are subject to change or deletion without notice.