China's TDIA, YRP and XGP Forum Signing Memorandum
to Exchange TDD Technical Information

TDIA, China's national organization to promote the development of TD industry (Headquarter: Beijing; Secretary-general: Mr. Yang Hua); YRP, Japan's institution to advocate research and development of radio and information technology (Headquarter: Yokosuka; President: Akio Motai); and XGP Forum, the Japan-based organization to promote the TDD-based true BWA technology called XGP (Headquarter: Tokyo; Chairman: Yuji Inoue) signed memorandum regarding TDD technological exchange in Tokyo on June 25, 2009.


Based on "the agreement to reinforce cooperation on IT industry" reached between Chinese and Japanese government on May 5, 2009, the memorandum is signed as a result of carrying out exchange of technical information regarding 3G mobile and BWA, on non-government level.


TDD (Time Division Duplex) is a technology initiated in Japan but adopted by both PHS and XGP in Japan, as well as TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE in China. It enabled duplex communication within the same frequency band by shifting receiving/sending signal conducted via the compression of time axle.


The advantages and features of TDD technology are concluded as below:
(1) Needless of pair-band unlike FDD, the feature facilitates the frequency assignment, and make itself an advantageous technology for global expansion.
(2) Improving wireless communication quality, the feature enabled its high compatibility with smart antenna technology, hence, made it possible to construct a network with flexible capacity --an essential condition for any next generation mobile systems.


In future, the three parties are to share common sources in China and Japan's broadband mobile development, to carry out cooperative research and development projects regarding the next generation mobile system based on TDD technology. Japan and China will provide each other reciprocal help, aiming at the further development of next generation telecom system, adopted TDD technology.


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