XGP Forum Celebrating Establishment

77 delegates from countries and areas including Canada, China, Finland, Israel, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Japan attended the establishment ceremony of XGP Forum held in Zennittsu Kasumigaseki Building, Tokyo in afternoon of April 2. Trainees attending APT-sponsored telecom program in Japan from nine countries, including Bhutan, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam also attended the ceremony. Mr. Yasushi Yoshida, Director of General Telecom Infrastructure at Ministry of Internal Affairs and Telecommunications, Mr. Sam Endy, vice president of XGP Forum and Mr. Qiang Qian, vice president of ZTE Corp., addressed the ceremony. Following that, Mr. Yishioki Chika, vice president of WILLCOM Inc. gave the presentation regarding XGP technology. Mr. Shoichi Sugiura, secretary general of XGP Forum introduced the organization and activities of the forum.


In the morning of the same day, special general meeting of PHS MoU Group was held. The meeting agreed to change the name of PHS MoU Group to XGP Forum. It also acknowledged the policy in using XGP name, XGP logo and policy regarding XGP Forum’s IPR policy.


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