The 25th General Meeting of XGP Forum in Beijing, China

The 25th general meeting of XGP Forum was held in Crownz Plaza Hotel in Beijing on Sept.. 8, 2009. Delegates from 19 companies and institutions participated in the meeting. Activity plan of the next fiscal year was discussed. The following is a brief of the meeting.

1. Opening

General Meeting was started by Mr. Sean Sugiura, Secretary General of XGP Forum.

2. Opening Speech by Chairperson

Opening speech was made by Dr. Yuji Inoue, chairman of XGP Forum.

3. Guest Speech

Guest speech was made by Mr. Xu Fuxin

4. Resolutions

Item 1: Minutes of the Previous General Meeting The Previous General Meeting was reviewed.

Item 2: Acknowledgement of New Members New members including Starent Networks., Corp. ZTE Japan and Oki Electric Industry Co. were introduced.

Item 3: Business and Expenditure Reports in FY2008 Mr. Sugiura reported the general activities conducted in the fiscal year of 2008. TWG, BWG and PWG chairperson reported activities.

Item 4: Report of the Memorandum Signed among TDIA, YRP and XGP Forum Mr. Sugiura reported the agreement exchanged between TDIA, YRP, and XGP Forum for the collaboration related with TDD technology.

Item 5: Activity and Budget Plans in FY 2009 Mr. Sugiura proposed the general activity plan and TWG, BWG and PWG chairperson proposed activity plan on FY2009.

Item 6: Establishing WG Chairperson’s Meeting Mr. Sugiura proposed to establish a WG chairpersons’ meeting.

5. Closing

Mr. Inoue closed general meeting.