The 26th General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan

The 26th General Meeting of XGP Forum was held on October 20, 2010 at ARIB in Tokyo. We have 21 member corporations at current and 51 people from 15 corporations attended the meeting. New chairperson and vice chairperson were nominated and activity plans were also approved. The following is the summary.

1. Opening address

Mr. Sugiura, Secretary General of XGP Forum, announced the opening of the General Meeting and introduced the outline and minutes of the meeting.

2. Chairperson’s opening address

New chairperson, Dr. Yoichi Maeda, said that he hopes to contribute to the review of global diffusion or standardization strategy of XGP Forum on the basis of the experience of wire transportation system R&D and international standardization like FTTH OAS in his opening address.

3. Keynote address

Mr. Tawara from Mobile Communication Department of MIC said that he expects highly on the development of BWA and activities of XGP Forum from the view of BWA enhancing review at Information and Communication Bureau.

4. Resolutions to Be Approved

Item 1: The Election of Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons

Per Article 6 of XGP Forum Agreement, Chairperson and vice-chairpersons shall be elected in every two years, and this General Meeting was the year for the election. Dr. Yoichi Maeda, Managing Director of TTC, was elected as new chairperson, and vice-chairpersons would serve consecutive terms.

Title Name Company/Entity Name
Chairperson Mr. Yoichi Maeda The Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC)
Vice Chairperson Mr. Masayoshi Wakao Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB)
Vice Chairperson Dr. Sam Endy Telecom consultant
Vice Chairperson Mr. Yoshioki Chika WILLCOM Inc. (Wireless City Planning)

Item 2: The Minutes of the previous General Meeting

The minutes of 25th General Meeting were introduced by secretariat office and got approved.

Item 3: Acknowledging New Members

Six corporations as new members were introduced.

- Alcatel-Lucent Japan Ltd.
- Huawei Technologies Japan K.K.
- Microxel Networks, Inc.
- Motorola Japan Ltd.
- Nippon Ericsson K.K.
- Nokia Siemens Networks

Item 4: The Activities and the Expenditure Results in FY 2009

Mr. Sugiura introduced activities held in 2009 and chairpersons of TWG, BWG, PWG presented activity reports in 2009 respectively. All of them got approved.

Item 5: Activity and Budget Plans in FY 2010

Mr. Sugiura introduced activities to be carried on in 2010 and chairpersons of TWG, BWG, PWG presented activity plans in 2010 respectively. All of them got approved.

5. Reporting approved TS & TR

Mr. Hiroshi Kawai, chairperson of TWG, reported that two TRs got approved as TS in October in 2010. “A-GN5.00-01-TR” S-PHS spec. “A-GN4.00-02-TR” XGP2 Radio IF spec.

6. Reporting Certificates of Trademark Registration

Mr. Sugiura reported that XGP submitted applications in China and Thailand for patents, and have got approval.