The 27th General Meeting in Guangzhou, China

The 27th General Meeting of XGP Forum was held on April 26, 2011 in Guangzhou, China. The General Meeting became official as the number of attendance exceeded the regulation.The following is the summary.

1. Opening address

Mr. Sugiura, Secretary General of XGP Forum, announced the opening of the General Meeting and introduced the outline and minutes of the meeting.

2. Chairperson’s opening address

Chairperson, Mr. Yoichi Maeda, welcomed all members and guests. He also expressed deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the Japanese people and Government, and most especially to those who lost family and friends in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

3. Keynote Speech

Mr. Yasuo Tawara, Director, Land Mobile Communications Division, MIC, gave a special presentation. He said MIC would spare no support for XGP development.

4. Special Presentation

Mr. Yoshioki Chika, CTO, Wireless City Planning Inc. introduced XGP technology and service. He explained micro-cells and autonomous decentralized system developed on the basis of TDD technology are very eligible for the coming mass communication period.

5. TWG Chairperson Changeover

Mr. Hiro Kawai, Chairperson of Technical Working Group (TWG) of XGP Forum has requested to step down its position and recommended Mr. Kamimura to take over his position. It has been approved by all TWG members.

6. TWG Chairperson Changeover

Item 1: The Memo of the previous General Meeting

The minutes of 26th General Meeting were introduced by secretariat office and got approved.

Item 2: New XGP Specification for TS

The updated version of XGP Specification A-GN4.00-02-TS (Draft) XGP Ver.02/Rev.02 was approved unanimously.

Item 3: Acknowledging two new members

Wireless City Planning Inc. and KCCS MOBILE ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. were authorized to become Signatory Member of XGP Forum.

Item 4: The Activities and the Expenditure Results in FY 2010

Secretary General introduced general activities and each chairperson of TWG, BWG, PWG presented activity reports held in 2013 respectively. All of them got approved.