The 30th General Meeting in Xi`an, China

The 30th General Meeting of XGP Forum was held on October 22, 2013 at CrownePlaza Hotel Xi`an, China. We have 19 member corporations at current and 21 people from 9 entities, TDIA (Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance), CATR(China Academy of Telecommunications Research) attended the meeting. The following is the summary.

1. Opening address

Mr. Sugiura, Secretary General of XGP Forum, announced the opening of the General Meeting and introduced the outline and minutes of the meeting.

2. Chairperson’s opening address

Chairperson, Dr. Yoichi Maeda introduced XGP Forum, the activity of TTC as CEO and individual leaders of XGP Forum briefly.

3. Keynote speech

Mr. Kohei Satoh, Vice chairperson and Executive Manager of ARIB, gave the keynote speech about the activity of ARIB; Mr. Masayoshi Wakao, gave the keynote speech about the Status of spectrum allocation in Japan; Mr. Wang Peng, Industry Department Director of TDIA, introduced TD-LTE as a Global Technology and its Global Market, Global Cooperation; Mr. Shen Jia, Director Engineer of CATR, introduced TD-LTE tests and trials in CATR.

4. Resolutions to Be Approved

Item 1: The Minutes of the previous General Meeting

The minutes of 29th General Meeting were introduced by secretariat office and got approved.

Item 2: Acknowledging New Members

One entity named KLEOS S.A.L Offshore was introduced as a new member. CATR was introduced as a Public Organization.

Item 3: The Activities and the Expenditure Results in FY 2012

Secretary General introduced general activities and PWG activities held in 2012 and chairpersons of TWG, BWG presented activity reports in 2012 respectively. All of them got approved.

Item 4: The proposal of Activities and the Budget in FY 2013(July 2013 ~ June 2014)

Secretary General introduced general activities and PWG activities to be carried on in 2013 and chairpersons of TWG, BWG presented activity plans in 2013 respectively. All of them got unanimously approved.


In the afternoon, we visited R&D Centers of Huawei and ZTE, the leading global vendors. They kindly introduced specific information of XGP/TD-LTE technology movement. There is no doubt that all of the attendees were so strongly impressed by the informative and useful talk and visit in Huawei and ZTE R&D Center. It was a favorable opportunity for XGP members to get to know about the past, current and future of the two leading entities.

Keynote Speech Material (Members only)

The activity of ARIB
Mr. Kohei Satoh
Vice chairperson of XGP Forum and Executive manager of ARIB
The status of spectrum allocation in Japan
Mr. Masayoshi Wakao
Senior executive advisor of XGP Forum
TD-LTE: Global Technology, Global Market, Global Cooperation
Mr. Wang Peng
Industry department director of TDIA
TD-LTE tests and trials in CATR
Mr. Shen Jia
Director engineer of CATR



ARIB news No.906 (November 11, 2013)