The 34th General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan

The 34th General Meeting of XGP Forum was held on November 29, 2017 at ARIB in Tokyo, Japan. 46 delegates from MIC and signatory member companies attended the meeting.

1. Opening address

Mr. Yoshiya Iribe, Secretary General of XGP Forum announced the opening of the Genenral Meeting and introduced the outline and Agenda.

2. Chairperson’s Welcome Address

Mr. Yoichi Maeda, Chairperson of XGP Forum, warmly welcomed all the attendees from Japan, Korea, UK and Italy.

3. Resolutions to Be Approved

Item 1: The Memo of the previous General Meeting

The minutes of 33rd General Meeting were introduced by secretariat office and got approved.

Item 2: Acknowledging New Members

No.1 Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.(Japan)

No.2 FUJISOFT Inc. (Japan)

No.3 BB Backbone Corp. (Japan)

No.4 Contela Inc. (South Korea)

No.5 Fujitsu Ltd. (Japan)

No.6 Japan Communication Inc. (Japan)

No.7 Quortus Ltd. (UK)

No.8 Athonet Srl. (Italy)

Item 3: The report of Activities and the Statement of Accounts in FY 2016

Secretary General introduced general activities and then each chairperson of BWG, TWG, AdHoc22 and PWG presented activity reports held in fiscal year of 2016 respectively. Secretary General also introduced the Statement of Accounts in FY 2016. All of them got approved.

Item 4: The proposal of Activities and the Budget in FY 2017

Secretary General introduced general activity plans and each chairperson of BWG, TWG, PWG Chairperson introduced activity plans to be carried on in fiscal 2017 respectively. Secretary General also introduced the Budget in FY 2017. All of them got approved.

Item 5: Amending Rules for Annual Signatory Membership Fee and Voting

“The amount of membership fee to be applied for a new membership application presented in less than three months before the fiscal year ends” was newly added. The expression of “Letter Voting” was replaced by “e-mail Voting”. “Secretariat Office was changed into “Secretarial Office”.

4. Special Presentation

Mr. Isao Sugino, director of Land Mobile Communications Division, Telecommunications Bureau of MIC gave a speech named “Overview of Mobile Communications in Japan”; Mr. Asimakis Kokkos from Nokia Solutions and Networks gave a speech named “Nokia MulteFire for sXGP”; Mr. Stanislav Kazak from Nokia Solutions and Networks gave a demonstration named “MulteFire 1.9GHz LBT Demonstration”; Mr. Hiroto Goya from Huawei Technologies introduced “The Evolution of XGP Services and Solutions”; Mr. Nanda Menon from Athonet Srl introduced “Mobile Edge Core for Enterprise LTE”.

Material (Members only)

Mr. Isao Sugino
Mr. Asimakis Kokkos
Mr. Stanislav Kazak
Mr. Goya Hiroto
Mr. Nanda Menon
Athonet Srl