The 40th General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan

The 40th General Meeting of XGP Forum was held on November 10, 2023 at ARIB in Tokyo, Japan. 31 delegates from TTC, ARIB and signatory member companies attended the meeting.

1. Opening address

Mr. Yoshiya Iribe, Secretary General of XGP Forum announced the opening of the Genenral Meeting and introduced the outline and Agenda.

2. Welcome Address by Chairperson Dr. Hideyuki Iwata

Dr. Iwata, Chairperson of XGP Forum, warmly welcomed all the attendees.

3. Resolutions to be Approved

Item 1: The Memo of the previous General Meeting

The minute of 39th General Meeting was introduced by secretarial office and got approved.

Item 2: Acknowledging New Members

1. Nokia Solutions and Networks Japan G.K.

2. NH Institute, Inc.

Item 3: Activity Reports and Financial Report in FY 2022

Secretary General introduced general activities and PWG activities and then each chairperson of BWG, TWG and AdHoc22 presented activity reports held in fiscal year of 2022 respectively. Secretary General also introduced financial report in FY 2022. All of them got approved.

Item 5: Activity Plans and the Budget in FY 2023

Secretary General introduced general activity plan and PWG plan, then each chairperson of BWG, TWG and AdHoc22 introduced activity plans to be carried on in fiscal year of 2023 respectively. Secretary General also introduced the Budget in FY 2023. All of them got approved.

5. Special Presentation

After General Meeting, the following special presentations were given by MIC, NEC and Ubiik K.K..

Material (Members only)

Keynote Speech
Mr. Hiroyuki Ogawa
Mr. Tetsuo Yama
NEC Corporation
Mr. Timo Halonen
Ubiik K.K.