TWG Meeting and XGP Forum & TDIA Collaborative Seminar

XGP Forum TWG meeting was conducted at the CrownePlaza Hotel in the morning on March 28th in Beijing, China. XGP 3.0(TR) was deliberated and approved by TWG members. The new specification includes functions like Carrier Aggregation following 3GPP specifications and a unique feature proposed by TWG members.


In the afternoon, XGP Forum members visited CATR (China Academy of Telecommunication Research of the Ministry of Information Industry), which is a nation-level research organization in telecom field directly under the leadership of the MII. CATR integrates the functions of research, test and certification and consultancy. It mainly performs support work for government, such as research on development planning, policies and regulations, network standards as well as carrying out of regulatory work. Participants visited equipment test labs of related companies and exchanged the latest industry movement and information.

XGP Forum Joint Meeting with CATR
CATR site Tour


Then on the following day "2013 XGP Forum-TDIA Seminar" was held at the same hotel. About 40 delegates attended this seminar. Since having concluded MoU in 2009, XGP Forum and TDIA have cooperated closely. Delegates from fourteen entities including WCP(Japan), FITEL(Taiwan), Huawei and ZTE attended the meeting. Participants exchanged views on Japan-China TD industrial development situation, TD-LTE market demands, development plans and other key issues.


Yang Hua, TDIA Secretary-General, said that as an important platform TDIA will promote TD industry worldwidely, and they are looking forward to working together with Japanese counterparts to strengthen cooperation to create a better future for the global development of TD industry.


Participants changed opinions on topics like the need of XGP/TD-LTE market and development program and the latest industrial movements. FITEL shared their XGP/TD-LTE market needs and development plans. Representatives from Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, ZTE, LeadCore(TD-SCDMA chip maker), Yulong(high-end smartphone maker), Hisense(terminal maker), Toshiba, ABIT, IAC(terminal maker), HOJY(modem maker), NEC discussed about the network, the terminal as well as business and application of TDD technology. The discussion was mainly focused on the development trend of multi-mode multi-band TDD terminal, expanding industrial scale of XGP/TD-LTE, propelling the expansion of XGP/TD-LTE terminal and low-cost development, launching TD-LTE/LTE FDD aggregated products, opinions on the timing of TD-LTE commercial deployment and the start of license. They announced that they would work together to deploy XGP/TD-LTE and increase investment on R&D of XGP/TD-LTE technology.


Fourteen XGP/TD-LTE commercial TD-LTE networks are being operated in a lot of countries in Asia, Europe and Oceania by global entities deeply related with eco-system. Ten chip-makers have launched XGP/TD-LTE terminal chips. Thirty one vendors have introduced 125 models of XGP/TD-LTE terminal. XGP/TD-LTE is expected to start commercial operation in China in 2013.


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