XGP Forum attended "2016 LTE Network Innovation Summit"

On August 12, "2016 LTE Network Innovation Summit" hosted by TDIA (Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance) and "Mobile Communication" Magazine was held in Beijing. 20 speeches and 1 research report were released at the summit. More than 300 people from the Department of Science & Technology and Electronics, design institute, LTE vendors and universities attended the summit.


The summit discussed about 5G oriented LTE network improvement, innovation and industrial application, 5G related test technologies and network construction, IoT application ad management, NT-IoT and so on. TDIA also released NB-IoT test report during the summit.


This summit had announced “5G Oriented LTE Network Innovation Seminar (2016) Essay Contest” before and received more than 300 essays covering LTE Innovation technologies, 4.5G and 5G interface and network technologies, experience on networks optimum design, new application and innovation, IoT ability and test, etc. Expert committee carefully studied and selected 65 papers for "2016 LTE Network Innovation Seminar Essays". 11 were honored as "Outstanding Essay" and conferred awards.

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