The latest version of 「neXt Generation PHS (XGP Specifications A-GN4.00-02-TS XGP Specifications Version 2, Revision 3)」Standard has been approved and published as STD-T95 v2.1 standard by ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Business) on February 14, 2012.


The neXt Generation PHS is a migration standard of Original PHS, which is derived and promoted by the XGP Forum (formerly PHS MoU Group). The XGP Specifications (A-GN4.00-02-TS /STD-T95) addresses on the applicability for worldwide deployment through the extended global platform. And especially, for encouraging the legacy PHS to migrate to XGP, some specific requirements regarded for complying with regional regulations are also specified.


We highly expect to bring high quality and good experience to all of the subscribers in the coming future faithfully and we sincerely hope that we can promote XGP Specifications (A-GN4.00-02-TS /STD-T95) and have it deployed in worldwide area.


XGP Technical Specification