Commercialization of AXGP system of WCP was geared up
Recognition of the 23rd Meritorious Award on Radio

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It’s in the middle of the season of greetings and this year 2012 is coming to an end shortly.  One of the highlights of 2012 for XGP Forum are by all means the launch of commercial service of XGP in Japan. We are hoping to have more services using XGP technology world widely. In particular, XGP has been awarded as “The Meritorious Award on Radio " presented by the Government and ARIB as well. The following is the related article on ARIB Magazine for your reference:

Sean Sugiura
Secretary General
XGP Forum


1 Introduction

The company took over XGP department, the BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) system using 2.5GHz Band, from WILLCOM in December 2012. Since then WCP has started out to develop AXGP (Advanced eXtended Global Platform) and begun to provide a new generation of network services offering the fastest downlink speed of 110Mbps in the world since November 2011.

2 Summary of AXGP System

2.1 From XGP to AXGP

XGP is an optimized BWA system developed as a next-generation system of the PHS (Personal Handy phone System). Based on micro cell of PHS and TDD technology (Time Division Duplex), it has also integrated OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) and the latest high-speed broadband technology over 10MHz amplitudes.

XGP with downlink of 20Mbps commenced deployment since 2009. However, the explosive growth of data traffic due to the spread of smart phones became obvious, and demand for high-speed mobile data transmission increased greatly as well. Other wireless broadband systems have begun to consider how to achieve several tens of Mbps high-speed communications. On the other hand, because the original XGP system can stream and share a variety of devices, thus it can mitigate the cost in terms of infrastructure and also expand the base station coverage area. It is a great advantage in competition with other systems.

In such circumstances, WCP accelerated improvement of XGP and managed to develop AXGP system realizing high throughput exceeding 100Mbps, increasing the affinity with global standards.

2.2 AXGP Technology Summary

AXGP inherited XGP's key technology like micro cell systems, TDD, OFDM and further improvement made it possible to achieve "High-speed transmission", "Closer to the global system", "Expanding the coverage area". The details about high speed transmission are shown as below.

<High-speed transmission>

- Bandwidth has been changed from 10MHz to 20MHz.

- The ratio of uplink and downlink was 1:1 but WCP changed PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency) and burst length to allow faster transmission.

- Added MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) function.

<Improved compatibility with the Global System>

- Review each occupied bandwidth (2.5MHz / 5MHz / 10MHz).

- Modified ACLR (Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio), spectrum Mask, spurious emission in accordance with global standard mode.

- ADD SC-FDMA (Single-Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access) to multiple access methods of upstream.

<Improve service areas>

- Mitigate antenna power of base station (Maximum 40W / 20MHz).

- Adopted HGAS (High Gain Antenna System (Maximum 17dBi).


3 AXGP Standardization Movements


4 AXGP Commercializing Procedure

4.1 Network Construction of AXGP

Accommodating the explosive traffic on the wireless system, micro cell technology is extremely important. How to secure the location for the base station in highly dense metropolitan area has become a major issue in utilizing radio effectively by micro cell. In order to solve the problem, WCP has adopted micro cell systems that take full advantage of PHS base station location took over from WILLCOM. Furthermore, for easy use of micro cell, WCP put Omnidirectional Antenna to practical use which enables sharing antenna with the PHS network, and regarding the base station WCP has managed to develop compact size that can be annexed in PHS base station. This is how WCP made it possible to pull out flexible high-density area design utilizing the existing PHS base station location.

4.2 Realizing maximum speed of 110Mbps

AXGP has reduced interference by utilizing smart antenna, realized high throughput effectively. In addition, the bandwidth will be expanded from 10MHz to 20MHz. Mobile data communication in bandwidth 20MHz has already been commercialized by AXGP successfully for the first time. Besides, the ratio of upstream and downstream has been diversified from 1:1. The ratio of downlink became bigger and also implemented 2 × 2 MIMO. By this way maximum 110Mbps was able to be deployed.


5 Afterword

WCP is aim to push forward towards the further spread of wireless broadband by AXGP system realizing maximum speed over 100Mbps, revitalize and propel the development of information and communications market, and contribute to the efficient use of radio continuously.


<Reference> Meritorious Award on Radio

ARIB has been designated as "The Center for Promotion of Efficient Use of the Radio Spectrum" and supervises efficient use of radio. To promote this business, ARIB has developed “Meritorious Award on Radio ", and select qualified enterprises.