SoftBank 4G achieves over 10 Mbps of downlink speed.
In metropolitan area, the most high speed of 18 Mbps is obtained.

ICT Research Consulting publishes speed test results of 4G services in Japan. This page introduces the outline of the speed test. (August 28, 2012)

Reference: http://www.ictr.co.jp/topics_20120828.html

We conducted a survey on next-generation high-speed data communication. Since it is named as "the next generation high-speed data communication", we have surveyed services of theoretical maximum downlink speed around 40 Mbps at the moment. 27 places in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka were chosen for measurement. Since digital devices like laptop are main devices used for data communication service, we connected data communications terminals of every company with laptops and measured each one`s actual speed.


In the downlink aspect, SoftBank 4G hit the top. It reached 15.28 Mbps during the day and 11.12 Mbps at night in 27 places in Tokyo and Nagoya and Osaka, being far ahead of "EMOBILE LTE". "EMOBILE LTE" reached 9.90 Mbps during the day and 11.12 Mbps at night. However it just launched services in half a year ago resulting in less number of users than "Xi" and "UQ WiMAX". It could be to its advantage yet showed the top theoretical downstream speed difference among object services. It showed excellent speed of 18.22 Mbps in ultra-metropolitan area. Compared to other services, the only default is getting blurred at the same spot yet it will get improved with the area expansion quickly.


Note that "SoftBank 4G" was the survey object this time and it was up to 76 Mbps downlink at the moment. However, the maximum value on the specification is 110 Mbps whole and SoftBank is planning to input responsive terminals.

Reference: http://www.ictr.co.jp/topics_20120828.html