SoftBank and WCP start the world's first commercial service with Massive MIMO.

Softbank and Wireless City Planning (WCP) have started “5G Project” which offers various kinds of the latest technologies quickly to deploy 5G (5th-generation mobile communications system). As the first shot of this project, Softbank and WCP have started the world's first commercial service with Massive MIMO by Sept. 16, 2016. Massive MIMO is one of important and elemental technologies in 5G.

Massive MIMO is Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA) technology, which utilizes many antenna elements and Beam forming technology. Since dedicated radio wave can be assigned to individual user equipment by Massive MIMO, all users can obtain excellent mobile communication, even if in a station and a busy street where communication speed may tend to be decreased.

Advantage of Massive MIMO

Effectiveness of Massive MIMO