XGP Forum won "Award for the Best Partner in TD-LTE Global Promotion"

TD-LTE innovation conference, organized by TDIA(Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance), was held in Beijing on January 19, 2017. Administrative officials of national departments and leaders of telecommunication research organization and committees attended the conference. The conference is aimed at reviewing the development process of TD-LTE industry, summarizing experience, presenting the innovation achievements of industrial chain enterprises, strengthening the cohesion of industry and promoting the rapid development of industry.

In order to promulgate the rapid development and remarkable achievements of TD-LTE commercialization, to encourage those who have made outstanding contributions to the development of TD-LTE, the conference commended 80 enterprises, universities, and research institutions and organizations. There were 4 categories covering 22 awards: "Award for Excellent Contribution to TD-LTE Technology and Standard", "Award for Excellent Achievement in TD-LTE Industry Development", "Award for Excellent Achievement in TD-LTE Business Promotion" and "Award for Excellent Achievement in TD-LTE Global Promotion and Industry Scaled Commercialization". XGP Forum received 「Award for the Best Partner in TD-LTE Global Promotion」 together with GTI, GSMA.