Information and Communications Council reported on May 29, 2020 on the technical condition to triple the current frequency of sXGP Method.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced that the Information and Communications Council partially reported on the "Technical Condition for the Advancement of Radio Station of Digital Cordless Phone" among the "Technical Condition for the Advancement of Low Power Radio System" of the No. 2009 Advisory on September 30, 2002.


Partial Report


XGP Forum agrees with the result of the study of the technical condition for the advancement of radio station of digital cordless phone.

sXGP method based on the 3GPP standard, which is common to local 5G, etc., has features such as affinity (can be used as the anchor band) for combined use of private LTE and local 5G. It will diversify the usage scenes in various industries and the convenience of users will highly increase as well.

Interference with the Private PHS System has been a major challenge for the deployment, but the study made it clear that the interference can be avoided which will boost the deployment greatly.

Along with the trend of ending the PHS system as a whole including public PHS, the expectations of users for this system are increasing day by day and we intend to actively cooperate with the study work and others for the purpose of institutionalizing the two carriers (5 MHz × 2) newly added this time.


Full arrangement of 1.9GHz Carrier: Excerpted from P16 of Partial Report