Our efforts to spread and promote sXGP

XGP Forum (office located in Tokyo, Japan. Chairperson: Yoichi Maeda) has not only made continuous efforts to standardize a new TD-LTE-based wireless technology, license-free ”sXGP system”, but vigorously participated in the examinations of technical requirements set up by Information and Communications Council (“ICC”) under MIC.

<Reference>TD-LTE scheme innovates on 1.9GHz Digital Cordless system


In response to ICC’s preliminary answer on March 31, 2017, with acknowledgement of upcoming amendment enforcement for sXGP systems, XGP Forum is currently investigating technical development in detail. In line with the above, XGP Forum shall issue technical verification guidelines and conduct corresponding tests.

We will continue cooperating in the effort to improve both user experience and reliability of sXGP standards by conducting verification tests in accordance with the sXGP standard verification guidelines set by XGP Forum and its members for an early commercial service launch.



The sXGP Basic System Architecture(overview)


Information and Communication Technology Subcommittee

Land Wireless Communication Committee

Digital Cordless Work Team