Result of Connection Test between IP-PBX and sXGP terminals

XGP Forum (office located in Tokyo, Japan. Chairperson: Yoichi Maeda) has been standardizing a new TD-LTE-based wireless technology, license-free ”sXGP system”, as a radio station which uses 1.9GHz band and vigorously participating in the review meeting of technical requirements set up by Information and Communications Council(“ICC”) under MIC.

Reference: TD-LTE scheme innovates on 1.9GHz Digital Cordless Telephone system


Then, in order to promote the deployment of this method, we informed of the following initiatives.

Reference: Efforts to spread and promote sXGP


In response to ICC’s preliminary answer on March 31, 2017 and amendment enforcement of ministerial order for sXGP systems on October 1, as well as the issuance of standard specification by ARIB, XGP Forum issued technical verification guidelines.

"Reference provision"

・Ordinance on Radio Equipment (MIC No.60 of 2018) Article 49-8-2-3

 (Radio equipment of Radio Station used for Time Division・ OFDMA Digital Cordless System)

・ARIB Standard RCR STD-28 “Personal handy phone system ARIB standard RCR STD-28. (Annex AR)"


The test was co-hosted by HATS Conference (Secretariat: Communications and Information Network Association of Japan (CIAJ), Chairman: Tadao SAITO, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo) and sponsored by BB Backbone Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo Minato-ku, Representative Director: Junichi Miyagawa) and over successfully.

1.Test period:

  January 15(Monday) ~ January 25(Thursday), 2018

2. Participants(Random order)

  NEC Platforms, Ltd

  Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

  Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd

  Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering


3. Test site:

  BB Backbone Co., Ltd. Verification center

4. Test organization

XGP Forum(TWG-AdHoc 22 SWG for sXGP-AdHoc TG for interconnectivity) recruited participant corporations and implemented the test.

5. Test Method

IP-PBX - sXGP inter-terminal connection test was implemented in accordance with "IP-PBX - sXGP Inter-terminal Connection Test Guideline" established by XGP Forum on December 6, 2017 and "PBX Telecom Server Inter Connection Test Guideline for sXGP Protocol Specification of Terminal Access (HATS-P-104-V1.0)" based on the former.

System configuration - Outline


6. Test Result

As mentioned below, 7 items(including some option items) were tested with 5 kinds of IP-PBX of 5 companies and all of them passed. HATS Conference issued "Certificate of Qualification" to the companies that also members of HATS among them.


Equipment manufacturers

Equipment manufacturers
Device Name
NEC Corporation(NEC)
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.(OKI)
Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd(PSSJ)
Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd

sXGP Terminal: 「BLADE V8Q」made by ZTE Corporation


Test Result


7. Future Plan
The Access Test is going to be implemented continuously in 2018 as well. We aim to supply products with high convenience for users.



BB Backbone:「Connection test between IP-PBX – sXGP terminals – Results」(March 23, 2018)

HATS推進会議「IP-PBX - sXGP端末間接続試験の実施結果について」(Japanese only)(2018年3月23日)